Childrens trike hire

The 12 inch trike is now in production and gee is it awesome.  With pump up tyres all round, and  low geared (12 inch gear), it’s easy to get around.  Martika rides with her younger brother Marcel or our dog Tess in the back, all over Castlemaine, at a good walking pace, sometimes I have to jog to keep up.  Braking is done by back peddling (it’s a fixed wheel), parent’s supervision is required especially down hill.  Children must keep their feet on the peddles at all time or it could bolt clean away on them just like what happened to Mulga Bill.

Thanks to Wylie for being in the video.

Trikes are available for hire to local Castlemaine residents only and are not for sale at this stage.  Cost is $10- per month

Tony also has a number of attractively restored vintage bikes for children for hire (local residents).  The cost is between $8 – $10 per month.  This is a great option for children who are fast growing out of bikes, and need to update.  The bikes are fully serviced, and set up beautifully for riding.


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